Exclusive album stream & pre-orders


Okay, enough of the teasing, today’s the day that Last Orders gets a full public airing.

Thanks to… Terrorizer!

The lovely folks at Terrorizer HQ are streaming the album in full at the following link:


So there it is people, it’s out there for your listening pleasure, no more tease, no more messing. Turn it up loud, start the stream, and do a headbang! We’re so proud of this release and absolutely thrilled that Terrorizer are our generous hosts for the exclusive full album stream.

As part of todays orgy of album goodness we have another thing to mention… Orders are OPEN!

If you want to pre-order a physical copy on cd in beautiful 6 panel digipak, plus a couple of stickers and two limited edition postcards (while stocks last), you need to be heading in this direction
Orders will ship on release day, October 31st, but to satisfy your craving for Mage you get an immediate digital download of the full album when you place your order as a reward.
While you’re there, grab a t-shirt, a hat, or another release and show some Witch Hunter love.

Up until official release day we will be streaming the album from our Bandcamp page here
Then on release day, October 31st, paid for digital downloads go live for all you creatures of the modern era who have no truck with physical items of a bygone era.

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