An avalanche of new reviews.

Some more reviews have rolled in over the weekend. Cheers to Gareth at When Planets Collide, Steve at Doom Metal Heaven, Matt at Two Guys Metal Reviews, Steve Howe at The Sludgelord, Emmit at Wonderock and Pete at NineHertz.

Last Orders review at When Planets Collide by Gareth Kelly

Last Orders review at Doom Metal Heaven by Steve

Last Orders review at Two Guys Metal Reviews by Matt Baggins

Last Orders review at The Sludgelord by Steve Howe

Last Orders review at Wonderock by EF

Last Orders review at NineHertz by Pete

Dont forget the guys and gals at Terrorizer HQ are streaming the album in full at the following link:

And if you want to pre-order a physical copy on cd in beautiful 6 panel digipak, plus a couple of stickers and two limited edition postcards (while stocks last), you need to be heading in this direction
Orders will ship on release day, October 31st, but to satisfy your craving for Mage you get an immediate digital download of the full album when you place your order as a reward.

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